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Lord of the Rings Geek Haven


These are inside jokes I have with people and are pretty much just for their enjoyment, you can look at them too but you won't understand a lot of them...

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Emily (My sister) Insiders:

1. Elvesville

2. felony

3. then u did what i could not

4. gay love scenes

5. mr. curri ruined it

6. ham

7. dodo

8. seagull

9. piggles

10. LOTP

11. shwartzon

12. Hambut

13. nose-flute

14. token black guy

15. you're not frodo....

16. I lost the one ring....

17. Grease lightning gollum...

18. Rapping Hobbits

19. Boxing

20. Fatal Error

21. I'll go crash at Bombadil's

22. Shut up Legolas

23. but it is not this day!


25. fantastical

26. I light da big candle!!

27. The Obbit.

28. Jesus eyes

29. Frodo's sword went limp!

30. I own Peter Jackson!!!

31. Bill in a maids outfit....EWWW!!!!!

32. Cousins my ASS!!!

33. Drop your pants...

34. stupid british hoe...

35. I'm not in the mood to Dom around....

36. Thats Mike. He canadian. (Okay so maybe this one has nothing to do with LOTR....but hey...its one of my fave insiders)

37. It's only a felony if you get caught...

38. Sauraman is not a petifile...

39. So what are they fairies or something?

40. Not now Buddy!

41. Why do look at me when you say that?

42. Who said it was a woman?

43. Man, He's ugly even for an orc...

44. See? that just goes to prove that crossdressing makes everything better.

45. Curse it's siren call!

Stephanie Insiders-
1. dead sexy
2. domalicious
3. landy
4. bosom
5. shower pics
6. action figures
7. ich lehe orli
8. we have the same nose
9. bill the pony is dead sexy
10. slashy dom
11. riverdance gandalf
12. mmm...dommy
13. sexy dom
14. accents
15. Nance, Prance, Nance, Prance

Brad Insiders-
1. nostrils
2. there's a silent q in it
3. what did they steal?
4. so they did buy me dom...
5. so it starts
6. Where ya goin' beautiful?
7. Gandalf....WHORE!!!
8. Nature's Napkin

Heres the inside jokes i have with the rest of my Friends...(there weren't enough to make seperate paragraphs)

1. Go wit da Fro(Emily...NOT my sis)
2. John's a hobbit.(Sonia)
3. Kilt-Mobile (Todd)
4. Legolas is NOT RB appropriate.(Steph..MY cousin...not friend...)
5. I broke Viggo's bottom half!!! (Sonia)
6. Why does Elijah Wood want to stamp out Roy Malonis? (Mom)
7. I'll give you three Bills for a Dom.....(Todd)
8. Don't be hasty (Dad)
9. Crossdressing Dom (Phi)

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